MSc in Digital Society

I am the Programme Director for the MSc in Digital Society at the University of Edinburgh. I designed, develop and teach in the programme.

The MSc in Digital Society is intended for any student who wants to understand, as well as learn to study, analyze, and critique digital technologies and the complex ways in which they shape society, social institutions, and culture. The MSc is an intensive, one-year programme gives you the opportunity to study with leading specialists in the emerging field of Digital Sociology. The programme will introduce you to key issues that arise when sociologists investigate the increasing prevalence of digital and mobile technology, digital infrastructure, and data production, capture, and analysis in everyday life. You will study the very social conditions (economic, political, and cultural) that give rise to digital and mobile technologies and their circuits of power.

Based at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, the MSc in Digital Society offers you an opportunity to read deeply through current digital sociological literature and conduct independent research.

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