Press Appearances

Featured in Ed Reform:
Anya Kamenitz. 2015. “Ten Indispensible Women Transforming Education.”

Interviewed for Buzzfeeed Tech story:
Caroline O’Donovan. 2015. “What if You Could Crowdsource a Loan?”

Quoted in NPR’s 2015 Education Predictions:

Interviewed for New York Times story: Altman, Anna. 2014. “Paying For Quality Education.”

Interviewed for Washington Post story: Dewey, Caitlin. 2014. “The Many Problems with SketchFactor, the New Crowdsourcing App That Many Are Calling Racist.”

Interviewed for Guernica Magazine story: Reider, Rachel. 2014. “The Teaching Class”

Interviewed for Inside Higher Education story: Flaherty, Colleen. 2013. “Don’t Call Me That.”

Interviewed for Village Voice story: deMause, Neil. 2013. “Contingency Plan: Outsourcing Education.”

The New Yorker, Featured Blog Author

The New Inquiry, Contributing Author

The New Criticals, Contributing Author

The State, Contributing Author

Jezebel, Featured Blog Author

The Atlantic, Featured Blog Author

The Nation, Featured Blog Author