If you’re looking for me:

Digital Transformations of Work: Plenary with Saskia Sassen
Oxford University | March 10th

Digital Day of Ideas: Keynote
University of Edinburgh | May 2016

Cursor: Resistance Training
University of Edinburgh | March 17th 6pm-8pm | Location TBD

Cursor is a forthcoming publishing platform and corresponding Android and iOS fitness-tracking app that will critically explore the political and economic relationships between physical exercise tracking, data-production, and labour.

The Cursor team of Kirsty Hendry, Dave Young, and Jake Watts invite you to join them for a night of screenings, readings, and discussion. Resistance Training brings together works by artist Rumi Josephs and designer Simone C Niquille, who have both been commissioned to contribute to the Cursor app. These works will be accompanied by a talk by Dr. Karen Gregory who lectures in Digital Sociology at the University of Edinburgh.

Resistance Training will explore how shifts in digital technology are shaping the social mechanisms that produce our conceptions of ‘wellness and ‘health’. We’re interested in the persistence with which social norms structure technological practices, asking how these technologies condition the body’s interaction with ideas of ‘work’ and ‘leisure’.

SMS: London | July 2016 


“Weird Solidarities”
Hacking Feminism
New York, NY
May 2015

“From Sharing to Cooperation: Lessons from Mondragon in the ‘New Economy'”
The First International Conference on the Historical Links Between the USA and Spain
Madrid, Spain
April 2015

“Financialized Magic”
Theorizing the Web
New York, NY
April 2015

“Becoming Population”
Panel Title: Data Drives: Encoded Subjects and the Cultural Fantasies of Information Processing
Society for Cinema and Media Studies
March 2015

“Precarious Labors of Teaching” w/ Liz Losh
The Scholar & Feminist Conference
New York, NY
February 2015

Digital Sociology MiniConference @ ESS
New York, NY
February 2015

“Tarot and the Card Flip”
Data and Magick
New York, NY
December 2014

“Reconceptualizing Hybridity for Working Students”
CUNY 13th Annual IT Conferences
New York, NY
December 2014

“Ghost in the Machine”
Triple Canopy Event w/ Frank Pasquale and Alice Marwick
New York, NY
November 2014

“Good Wives: Algorithmic Architectures as Metabolization.”
Digital Labor: Sweatshops, Picket Lines, and Barricades. New York, NY.
November 2014

“Digital Labor in Crisis.”
Digital Labor: Sweatshops, Picket Lines, and Barricades.
New York, NY.
November 2014

Race, Policing, and Right to the City
Center for Worker Education Human Rights Series
New York, New York
October 2014

“Hermes and Big Data.”
Cultural Studies
Salt Lake City, Utah
May 30- June 1, 2014

“Affective and Immaterial Labor in Light of the Derivative.”
Cultural Studies
Salt Lake City, Utah
May 30- June 1, 2014

The Datalogical Turn
w/ Patricia Clough
Center for Humanities
CUNY Graduate Center
April 29, 2014

Theorizing the Web
Brooklyn, NY
May 28, 2014

Between Conjure and the Con: Thoughts on the Interface
Society for Literature, Science, and Art
October 4, 2013

Creative Practices and Inventive Methods
With Patricia Clough
Center for Humanities, CUNY Grad Center
November 7, 2013